Monday, March 3, 2014

November 25

okiedokies. last pday i bought some gloves, and a scarf, cause it is getting dang cold. like ultra dang cold. so yes, bundling up for winter! then the next day we had district meeting as well as me and elder Smith starting our exchange, we make a sweet team. we talked to a bunch of people, exchanged crepe techniques, made quiche, went porting in a town right beside the ocean, it was a good exchange! except our lesson got cancelled and we were going to play basket ball and that got cancelled too. investigators are so mean. that night was so super sweet though, cause elder willden got back and exchanges were over, then we had a lesson with Anne-Sophie, the investigator we talked to for an hour on the street, yeah we finally got a lesson with her and it was amasing. the spirit was super strong and yeah, it was a great lesson. next time shes bringing a friend! so that will be interesting and fun! the rest of the week not alot happened, our lessons pretty much all cancelled, except we did get a lesson with the 9 year old, who wants to get baptised, so we are going to teach her the lessons and such! but yeah, church was good, the members here are so great, ready to help us out, we have a dinner appointment! so that should be fun! but yeah, not too much happened this week. OOH! i set up the christmas tree, im not allowed to decorate it though till december cause Elder Willden freaked out a t me, so yay for naked trees!

i love you all so very much, have a wonderful week! 
until next time,
Elder Crepe-Master Kaden

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