Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

heck yes! good day! im uber pumped for this marvellous transfer! we have so many promising oppertunities coming up and me and elder ruttan are just a killer team! its easy to work when youre always having fun! im trying to think of what happened this past week worth mentioning, theres one super sick experience, here it is:

so we taught 8 muslim men in a worhiping building a week or two ago, we got information for one of em and we texted him to set up a meeting and he was down! so like the day before he asks us what were allowed to eat, we told him no alcohol or tea, boom, we showed up to a feast! and he said he looked for english kurans to give us but couldnt find any! we were there for like 2 hours and had just a sweet chat about how our religions are similar and how they are different, i dont think anything will come of it, but we made a real friend! it was a great time! he also brought his friend who works at a mosque! so like, pretty cool day! 

also, we finally got back in contact with killian and bryan, they disapeared off the face of the earth and we had like 5 lessons cancel with them, turns out they were on vacation so whateves, now they are back, and we taught them the last necessary lesson before their baptism! cooooolio! ive taught them every single lesson up till baptism, thats a cool feeling!

our friend form ghana, amoako, hes still boss, he came to church again and he had alot of questions like why we use water when jesus used wine for sacrament, stuff like that! he is slow to understand but he is probably one of the most faith-filled people ive ever met. we asked him if hed be at church again and he said something along the lines of "every day i pray to die in god. if i die, it is in him, if i live it is thrugh him, if he grants me life how can i skip church, its the least i can do." but imagine that in like the thickest ghana'n accent. so boss. i love that guy!

there aint too much going on, but theres so much going on at the same time! heres a cool scripture, i found it yesterday and i really love it.  Colossians 2:For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.
not only is he with us, but he is enjoying our faith and our efforts. he is there to help us and we should take advantage fo his help!

well, not too much else to report,
agent kaden oviatt signing out.

1st is our district, cute eh?
2nd is a stenciled cat doing a kickflip. boss, i know.

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