Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

So this week was pretty sweeeeet! the highlight being of course Dunking Maddalena in the ocean, it was cold getting in, but once i hit bellybutton it was actually really nice! wish i coulda swam a bit! she was super pumped and her baptism was very spiritual (despite all the scantily clad women around on the beach...)

So on tuesday we went into paris cause Elder Jenness had to do legal stuff to avoid getting deported and other nasty things! so wednesday he went off and did that stuff and Elder Hall, my first MTC Comp and i ran around paris and did some contacting, went to teh eiffle tower, cause thats chill and i can do that...

on thursday we did more service at that members house, we moved like 5 trailers of gravel and dirt and grass we pulled out of her yard, that was a good workout! then we did some contacting and stuff! that night we went to Nizars house, it had been a while, but hes chill as always, nothing too exciting! had a good chat about faith and how we are going to help him gain it!

on friday we did exchanges so a Zone Leader could come up and interview Maddalena to be baptized. the trains back to cherbourg were messed the crap up cause france is allowed to have strikes whenever they want... so that sucked, but when we finally made our way to cherbourg she passed the interview, we dunked her the next day, and tehn she was confirmed! it was a super spiritual weekend and it was amazing for her and the other ladies and branch members too!

dont have much more to say, but like, i love whoever reads these, and i love hearing about your lives! be safe and take care!

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