Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 1, 2014

This week has been TIRING! so so so tiring, but good!
On tuesday Elder Christiansen was packing pretty much all day, we went and saw Anne-Marie and she gave him a going away present, a little teddy bear and some white chocolate, the super expensive kind, and a stuffed heart(it matches the one her daughter has cause she wants us to marry her daughters SOO bad.) and that was pretty nice, havent taught her a lesson in a couple weeks though, getting a little worried about her. then we went over to caen to stay the night so we could get to paris in time for me to have a trainers training meeting. so wednesday we got on the train, slept pretty much the whole way, then we got to paris, and i went to the training for trainers and met my new companion, his name is Elder Joshua Jenness, hes from Indiana and hes super sweet! hes 21 and about 2 inches shorter than me, so thats cool! hes a boss, full of blue-fire and desire to learn and work. its going to be a SICK two transfers full of miracles and joy! he also looks like Steve Carrell, so thats fun, i always make referances to anchorman or the office or like anything else Carrell related :P 
we had a couple boss lessons, like magddelina told us taht there is no way she is waiting longer than her baptismal date to be baptised. the original plan was to baptize her with her friend, but we havent been able to see her friend as much so we told magddelina she could wait a week to be baptized with esther, or she could do it by herself and she was like (apply thick african accent) "by the grace of god i will learn and be ready to be baptized the 14. i know i can do it. you cannot stop a person from being baptized, it is not something that waits for friends. i need to do it. i will be bpatized without esther" sot hat was super cool! we also re-fixed a date with Michel, hopefully he doesnt have any further health problems, hes SOOO cool! Sunday was good, we didnt have a ton of investigators at church, but that was a blessing cause i had to translate everything, Elder Jenness is still too fresh to translate. but like, thats fair. its HARD. so far weve had crepes and baguettes and patisseries and its been a good time! :) so yeah! life is going good over here! im super exhausted! but life goes on! :)
have a good week everybody! i love you all! :)
Peace out sistas
Elder Oviatt

3 generation picture!

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