Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

so this week! i got pretty diligent at writting in my journal, but i also decided id only write in it in cursive, so that SUCKS. but my handwriting is getting Fresh. i look so legit. on paper...
so on tuesday we went to coutances, a decent sized city to do some contacting and porting, nothing exciting happened, but like, it was fun. waste of time and well not do it again, but it was enjoyable! they have cathedrals EVERYWHERE. their skyline is sick. (photo included)
Wednesday we had Week 2 District meeting, which is a nice way to say zone conference where the meal isnt included. but i gave my first district training! holy cow. stress McGee! i can see my pulse in my vision, like if i hold still i can see 3 lines on either side of my vision pulse with my pulse. i might have blood pressure problems! but the training went well, i think it was pretty decent, nobody fell asleep, so thats a good sign for sure! that was in Rouen, a 3 hour train ride away, so that pretty much ate our entire day up!
Sednesday we had a family home afternoon with the african ladies! it was super fun as usual and it was Elder Jenness' first one! it was also super cool cause Magddelina(the one who is getting baptized in the ocean) has like understanding problems, but she told the whole plan of salvation to the other africans! so taht was Super reassurring! :) that night we had dinner at the branch presidents house, we had a bunch of cheeses that would have made me barf at the begining of my mission, but now i like them, so thats intereesting news! a delicions 4 course meal, typical french! :)
then the next day we taught a couple lessons, life was goin pretty good! then we went to Caen so i could conduct a baptismal interview.... Holy Cow, it was na hour and a half cause she had problems with President Monson, but she knows for a fact Joseph Smith was a prophet. super frustrating, but in the end i helped her understand how it all works and we prayed together and by the end she was good with saying she believed he was a prophet! so she was baptized on sunday! super cool!
then on saturday we took the train back to cherbourg, taught 2 lessons then went to stake conference, that ws pretty good! Magddelina came, so that was really cool! shes super pumped to be baptized.
sunday we sent to Caen, for like the 5th time, for the french europe broadcast, then we stayed for the baptism, and thismorning we woke up and built a cinderblock wall for a member! that was pretty fun! :)
good week! and a thorough update thanks to my journal keeping! :P
hope you all have a FANTASTIC Week!
i love you all to bits n pieces! :)

a sweet castle turret tower and a cathedral
double rainbow i saw out the window of our apartment
coutance skyline

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