Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 13, 2014

SOOOOOO this set of missionaries here in Tours... typically, Tours is not a "great" zone leader ville, which is stupid. its only as bad as you expect it to be. in other words, people here have tried really hard, and they get a ton of numbers, and all that jazz, the send really really hard workers here! but they didnt always work smart. there is probably 700 potentials in the phone, and we decided to call them all. we got through about 300? about? but we were calling potentials for about 4 hours and we got in contact with a ton of people, a ton of people that were interested but never got a call from the elders! So basically, we are benifitting from everyonesles hard work and teaching the legit people that want and need the gospel. so thats pretty dang cool!
weve been preparing alot for our training we have to give to the zone, and its going to be UNREAL! but we have a ton of work coming up this week. basically, we are teaching people about how to make exchanges with other missionaries super effective, and we are doing the sickest analogy to a good cookie, so were making fresh cookies during our training. errbody is going to love it! :P and president is going to be there with his wife, so extra brownie(or in this case, cookie) points holla! :P
we went to paris to work with the assistants, and we had an unreal time! basically exchanges with the APs are a forecast for 100% chance of rain. the blessing kind of rain.
on a more serious note, we have an investigator named Guy, he is super super cool, he got polio at 1 year old, and since then hes had to walk with crutches. i talked about him a little already, but we taught him again, hes so cool! one night he called us because he liked praying with us and he felt like he really needed a prayer, so he called to pray with us over the phone. it was so cool. this guy has a smile of pure gold, all he really needs right now is a hug and a good friend to get him on his feet... er, crutches... but then hes so prepared for the gospel! i love this work, i love seeing people who want to change, who see the good we have to add to their life and who seek after it. i love the feeling i get when it clicks with somebody. i love this gospel, and i love being a missionary. even with all the opposition.
i just wanted to take this moment to give a good shoutout to my parents, both biological and adoptive. i just realized that i have 4 wonderful mothers who are constantly praying for me, and my dad does the same thing, but i only have one of them. but either way, the love and support i feel from your prayers and letters is wonderful. mom and dad(the real ones) thanks for everything, for keeping me in line growing up! i know i couldnt and wouldnt be here without your examples.
peace and love from your french fellah,
Elder Kaden Oviatt

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