Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 20, 2014

so this past week we were SUPER stressed! and by "we" i mean I was, i dont know about smith. But either way we spent the beginging of the week trying to teach lessons and get things going but for some reason nothing was happening, just adding to the stress. then on wednesday and thursday things started picking up a tad but still not the normal rate. and on thursday afternoon we had to go interview somebody for their baptism and the trains were cancelled! we werent sure we could get back in time for our zone conference on friday, but as always, things just worked out!
our zone conference was super fun! we loved it, it was a blast! and we managed to make cookies and tie the cookie making experience into how we can have effective exchanges with other missionaries, president was pretty impressed! and the best part is that during the training cookies were baking so at the end everybody got a hot fresh cookie. it was rad. here are the general comparisons of cookies and living the gospel (during exchanges, not necessarily only during exchanges, but that was opur topic)
Preparation. just like we need to shop and have the ingrediants before hand, we need to pray and study in order to start out right.
Tools. you need a bowl, spoons, measuring cups and stuff to make cookies! you biggest tool when living ght egospel is Faith, one of the first principals of the gospel.
Learning from the recipe. a recipe is pretty much a list of how to get good results, a list that was achieved by other peoples mistakes. we need to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others in order to  progress. we call this Repentance.
Applying the recipe. once you have a good recipe you have to follow it exactly. we need to follow the rules as perfectly and as exactly as possible.
---at this point you have cookie dough.---
they need to be baked. or, in gospel terms, baptism by fire, and as everybody knows, thats another way of saying the Holy Ghost. He is essential, as is our
Patience, in waiting and enduring to the end of the cookies being baked, we need to continue to be obediant and have the spirit withus.
and yeah, that was our training :P then after ZC we had exchanges and between the 4 of us we taught 10 lessons and found 4 new investigators, which is pretty dang good! so yeah, it all turned out super cool! i never sent pictures of last week, we went to a castle, Amboise. thats the city Leonardo DaVinci lived in, we went to his house too, PREEETTTY cool eh? :)
i love you all, be safe, take care, Bisous<3
Elder Kaden Oviatt

1)i dropped a pickle...
2)Castle Amboise

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