Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014


this week i have nothing to say. 

BUT! we went on two exchanges, the first one in Orléans, and they are having a tough time out there, so the exchange was baller. we went so hard the people didnt know what happened, it was like a tsunami of spiritual forestfire. not really, but you know, it was pretty good! I had the pleasure of going and teaching a sketchy satanic investigator... i dont know what the missionaries there are thinking :P but yeah, so we get into his house and i was like "whoop! there goes the spirit!" it was sketchy, he is super christian and believing, but somehow hes gotten miwed up with wizardry and enchantments and conjuring spirits and stuff. so bad. so that was scary. during the lesson i went to say something and about 3 words in he stopped me and said "if you dont speak slowly and articulate, and get rid of your filthy english accent, im going to hit you. and im not kidding" so i didnt speak. the elder i was on exchanges with is french so he handled the lesson. very sketchy! people had just started telling me my accent is almost gone then bam. hot knife to the confidence.
but yeah there was that, then we went to Bourges, that was pretty cool, they have a deepfrier so we had some fun with that! :P we taught a couple lessons and found some pretty legit people! it was apretty good week.
as for people in Tours, we have Guy, who is so unreal! he told us this week that he believes everything weve taught him, hes just struggling with the "why is this happening to me" aspect of life right now, his wife just left him, hes a paraplegic, and his car died so he has to buy a new one. so yeah, facing alot of opposition right now, but he is an all star and im super excited for him!
my companion has written about 5 very large paragraphs about this week... so either i have a horrible memory, or im just a bad writer. i think its a combo of the two, but you know, thats just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.
OH! i ate a "religieuse" which is a patissery, one large cream puff with a smaller creampuff iced to it, whith a dallop of cream on top, super good, normally like 7cm tall, but a "tours religieuse" is different for some reason. its special. and about 3 times bigger.---see photo included--- but yeah, i couldnt eat it all in one sitting. i felt sick... its a tradition for all the missionaries who serve in tours get one, so yay! now im an official tours missionary i guess!
and i started working on my legality papers for my 2nd year, so soon i wont be an illegal alien! YAAAY!
thats about all i got, so peace out, till next week,
your homeboy
Elder K Oviatt

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