Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 6, 2014

yeah so basically, half a week with Elder smith and its been luxurious! we get along so well, its going as smooth as a buttered up zuchini going down a slip n' slide of half melted icecream! so thats pretty dang smooth! Elder cramer peaced the scene on wednesday, so before that we had a pretty busy "goodbye i love you youve made such a big difference in my life" tour of the members in tours, one of whom made us a burrito fĂȘte, it was SO good. on tuesday we had family home evening and that all was cool, the Mehrdads both came and dominated in PingPong, they are champions. its not even fair. i go and play basketball to rebuild my spirits after getting obliterated by the mehrdads pingpong skills. they are so good they will do permanent dammage to your ego. maybe thats healthy! :P
since elder smith has been here its been so cool, we had mission council on friday and that was cool, they had the area doctor there and he talked to us about a bunch of common missionary problems, it was super fun! then we had a bunch of trainings and stuff, it was good stuff! :)
we saw Mehrdad and Mehrdad at the church for a lesson and we gave them each books of mormon, and they had alot of dificulty accepting it. they came up with pretty much every question and reason not to believe in it, and we had pretty rational answers for all of them, but when people look for reasons not to believe it they wont believe it. so it came down to testimony>rationality. which is how it usually works, at the end they both said that it was a very constructive lesson and it was good! i hope they actually read it and pray, cause once they do theyll see why its so important! theyll get it. :)
oh! theres this guy we found named guy, he has polio and his legs dont really work, so he walks with crutches, but his life has pretty much been aweful, but he was way receptive to our message! we have a lesson with him for tonight, so ill let ya know how that goes down!
then thers general conference! it was sweet, except there were no members there for saturday night (your saturday morning session) so we couldnt be in the church alone with the sister misionaries so we called a member and went to there place; that was annoying. then on sunday we got to church and the french priesthood session wasnt online yet, so we got asked to translate. thats the first time translating from english into french and it was SOOO HARD. so the next 2 sessions were nice cause we could just watch them and enjoy conference. :) and it was good! and that pretty much makes the week!
oh! the reason i mentioned talking to the doctor is because we went home and wanted to try some of his crazy tretments, so smith started a footbath thing and i wanted to participate in the personal care party so i put on a face mask. i found a tube of it in the bathroom... its probably been there for like 5 years! but it felt pretty nice :P
AAAAND that makes up the week.
adios amigos

the facemask was the same color as the wall, so theres my sweet stealth skill right there.
and this is us. -DreamTeam-

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