Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

so this week wasnt our best week, missionary work kinda lags a little bit. you do good work one week, but nothing might happen, then two weeks later, even if you dont feel like you did exceptional work bam, your life is great. cause the results are like, late. but thats why we work all the time so that we are always blessed! now i dont think 2 weeks ago we didnt work hard. im really not sure why this week was tough, maybe were just getting a patience test or something? who knows! not that big of a deal though, cause we did our best and thats all we can really do! were no superheros. were awkward 20 year old boys, trying to change the world. And with that in mind, ill stop trying to be cool and philosophical and go back to how our week was.
monday night we had Family home evening at the church, and we did a lesson with a rubix cube! and about how we are messed up mis-matched cubes, but through christ we can be made perfect, like a completed rubix cube. genius right? ;) anyways, it was simple enough for the investigators, and complex enough for the members. just the way a good lesson should be.
tuesday we got to go to a district meeting in Le Mans, it was sweet! good lesson and stuff, plus the district leader, Elder Madsen, is a legend. well, he just has cool drawings and stuff, and he gave a hand out of a drawing for his formation, it was pretty cool! i like art again by the way, i decided i need to spend time doing it when i get home, so be prepared for that! :)
wednesday we had another district meeting, this time it was our own, it was good, and after we had exchanges! they were super fun! Elder Nez and i had a super good time!
thursday we woke up, sent the other elders home after the exchange, and then ripped off to Paree to do an exchange with the Assistants! that was a good time, as always!
friday we came home from paris and then we got stood up like 5 times, by members and investigators. that was super lame. but then a brother was riding his bike past and said "hey elders, why dont you come inside for a bit, its really cold out" so he let us in and we shared a good moment with them and we warmed up! it came at a perfect moment cause we were pretty down about not having any lessons go through. tender mercies! :)
then saturday things picked up, life went back to normal and we went hard, saw good stuff, taught Orly our investigator with brother Kehli, and that went super sweet! really good lesson!
but sunday went back to friday and nobody came to church. :/ boo hoo! oh well, mmotivation for next week, right? :) well yeah the rest of sunday wasnt too bad!

i havent done a day-by-day run down in a while! huh! its been good! i love you all, keep being awesome, email me and stuff!
Elder K. Oviatt
i had to slurp a plate of pudding at the Le Mans district meeting, i was very fast and very thorough! and i won the sick darth vader tat which is pictured in the other photo! :)

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