Monday, June 22, 2015

june 15, 2015

yes ladies and gents, i skipped 2 weeks of my general email. i appologize, but to make matters worse, i didnt have a planner cause our apartment ran out. so i have NO idea what we did. but i will be able to remember what we did this week, so that wont be horrible.
heres an update on our investigators, cause yeah...
so the last month we have had this really dope guy come to St. Ouen, his name is Garrett, and he was here couch-surfing, if you dont know what that is its pretty much what it sounds like. theres a forum and you find peoples houses to stay at, and its free! so basically he didnt speak a ton of french, but he wanted to learn, and so he came to live in france to learn the language. hes an RM, and so hes still a gospel boss. anyways, pretty much every place he stayed at he preached the good word, and he got us a ton of referrals. one of them lives 5 meters from the chapel. He is super cool, in 1 week hes already at 2 nephi. he went to FHE in paris last week and we went with him, it was pretty dang awesome. he is going tonight too, so yeah. this guy is PROMISING. he also came to sacrament meeting last week with garrett, but garrett left on tuesday to go to Jerusalem, but even so, Valentin came to all 3 hours! im embarrassed that this is the first time im introducing his name. but yeah, theres him. hes sick!
and theres Franqui, he is SO COOL. hes from Colombia, and his fiancée is from Equador, and shes already a member, but theres a twist. she is still married. she hasnt seen her husband for 14 years cause the situation was bad news bears. but now in order for Franqui to get baptized they need to get married, so shes working with lawyers in equador so she can get divorced. normally it should be finalized un July, then we are planning the wedding for august, and the weekend after that is going to be his baptism. did i mention how much i love Franqui and Pastora? well its alot! (whats up with me not introducing peoples names till im done talking about them?)
and our next progressing investigator is named Fleruane, hes super cool, from Haiti, and he also lives with a lady. BUT they arent married, nor together. they had a family together, but they dont want to be together... but they arent married. "whats the catch" you might say? well, he cant move out cause he has no job, so he is still living there till he gets a contract so he can provide for himself. THEN once he is moved out he is going to get baptized. hes already had the lessons 3 times over(we think. the area book work for him is balogna.) but yeah, thats pretty much whats been going on!
we've been working with a bunch of Less Actives and Recent Converts too, Basile has been Less-Active for who knows how long, like 10 years? but when we arrived here the missionaries we replaced had been teaching him so we just kept it up. and holy cow i Love basile! he is so cool, hes the nicest guy, and for about a month hes been coming to church! theres also Adolf, a member from Ghana that we just got in contact with on thursday. he got baptized 10 years ago, and lived in italy, but lost contact with the church, but hes here now, and hes super cool! he doesnt have a job though, so thats his concern. which leads us into Kelly (recent convert) and Steven Kellys member friend who brought him to church. they dont have jobs either, so we have been spending some time making them resumés, and translating them and all that... its been pretty fun, :P theres also Didi a semi-less-active, hes super cool. theres michel, hes inactive and cant come back till his wife dies, but he totally wants to. THE POINT IS, we are working with a TON of great people! :D

in other news, last transfer i had the idea of doing a musical night! super fun, great oppertunity for people to invite their friends and feel the spirit and have a good time! so Sister Hill and i are the only musical missionaries in our ward, so we put it together, and announced it, then she GOT TRANSFERRED! so now its me, not that musical, trying to organize this entire thing, it goes up in less than a month, and its SUPER stressful! i hate it! but its kinda fun. and i know that itll work out either way. so like, i get sorta stressed, then im like, whateves. and its all good!
and thats my life in a nutshell! :) sorry if is a little long... have a great week!
Elder Stankin-Fresh Oviatt
this is me in Chateau Fontainebleau, we went there last week with Garrett and one of the other referrals he gave us,
this is us saying goodbye to Garrett at FHE, and Valentin is the one who took this picture!
and today we went to the a prison from the french revolution! Marie Antoinette stayed there for like 72 days or something before she got 'tined
also, my address is probably going to be the same for the rest of my mission. here it is!
Elder Oviatt
Les Missionnaires
164 Avenue Du Président Wilson
93120, Saint Denis La-Plaine
or (because where i live isnt the most secure, if youre sending really important things send them to the mission home)
Elder Oviatt
La Mission Française de Paris
131 Blvd Carnot
78110, Le Vésinet

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