Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

less actives:
So Basile didn't come to church this week...sad. So we called him and he said his friend or someone was in the hospital or something? it was hard to understand on the phone. But he asked if we were still coming over this week so that was cool! I love that guy.
Didi was supposed to give the lesson for priesthood... turns out it was next week! atleast he was prepared, right? :P hes doing well and found a job, so we didnt get to see him... but hes stabilizing, and that warms my heart! :)
Kelly, Steve and Adolf are all still lookin for jobs, taught em, theyre dope as usual!

Franqui worked overtime this week so he was super tired... we werent able to see him, and that was a big rough, but its okay! hes still cool, were seeing him tomorrow.
didnt get in contact with Fleurane, hes a pretty occupied guy
but HOT DANG our rdv with Valentin was so sick!!! ha he made us this really good meal, tomates farcie (stuffed tomatoes) and during the meal we all had the most natural talk about the gospel. he is already in Mosiah probably even Alma by now. He is zooming. So we talked a lot about prayer the last time and hes like guys i have a stupid do you pray? So we were like thats a great question not stupid at all. So we explained it and he said hes going to try it when he reads the bom. So sick! I love this guy. He also came to church and he stayed for the baptism that was happing after wards and Earnshaw sat right next to him and he asked the most golden questions! ha He asked how do i get baptized. So we told him when someone is ready and hes like how doe i get ready? So earnshaw explained that thats exactly why we are here as missionaries, to help people prepare to make the steps toward baptism. He then invited us over this thursday. haha So sick. He is going to Fhe again tonight as well. hes so stinkin COOL!
we also went to the Basilique de Saint Denis, its got like, all the french kings of ever buried there. the oldest is like 300 AD or something. super cool! i bet i have aancestors there, cause like half my family history is french royalty... that would be super cool to look into! its SUPER dang old! and beautiful!
the week wasnt very full, but it wasnt slow either... it was good! :)
eatin with alot of members this week, holla! :P
peace out,
this is one of the kids of the guererro family, we eat at their house almost every week, he wanted me to take the moto for a ride :P
this is a follow up from last weeks pday activity, when we went to the conciergerie, which is the prison that held marie antionette for like 70 somethin days before she was beheadded, and this is a picture of the tomb in which she now lies. dope.
and this is a cool tomb where some queen and king are buried, its just super intriquite and fancy. the 12 apostles are around the base, and 4 muses (patience, humility, strength and someone else or something along those lines) are sitting on the corners, and the band across the bottom is a scene from a war. these tombs are extravagant! :P

have a good week babes and babettes!

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