Saturday, June 13, 2015

May 25, 2015

We live right beside the stade de france, and there are always big concerts there. On saturday night ACDC played and we could totally hear it from in the apartment. ive heard acdc live baby!
uggh. on to other things, this week was preeeetty uneventful...
i dont really remember what we did... we taught the normal amount of people, our investigators are super sweet, Kelly (the recent convert) is going to italy this week to try and figure out his papers and stuff. poor guy just wants a real job.
as for cool things that happened this week, SO like my whole mission ive never worked with less actives. ive always had a couple that we drop by once and a while, but never a central focus, ya know? but when we got here in st ouen they had a pretty heavy load of less actives they were working with. did you know that having an inactive member come to church is just as (if not more) exciting as having an investigator come to church! we had 2 less actives come to church and it was so cool! i like this life! :) its a good time!
 well... thats pretty much life! its been going good! me and my comp have been working really hard on ourselves, like, personal development and stuff, and its been going really well. im lovin life!
adios amigos!
ugh... so there are these guys at the stop st denis, and they sell these shishkababs, and they are cooked on shopping carts... its super sketchy, but we ate them once and we cant stop. we had them 3 days in a row, and the only reason the streak broke is cause sunday happened. gotta keep that day holy.
and this is a picture of the smoke and shopping carts. look close... i think there are 6 bbq carts in this picture. :)
and this is my comp, he fell through Elder Ho's bunk.. it was a good time! :P

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