Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 24, 2015

it was such a such a great week it doesnt even need a better title, it was just that good!
    Monday was pretty sweet, an elder that started with me was going home early for school and they stayed in our apartment because Elder Bruno had served here, so we set him up a sweet dinner appointment with his favourite family, and we went there with them on monday night.
    Tuesday was real good, we started it out by having District Meeting, which went well i think. probably my best one this transfer. so thats baller. then i started my exchange with my good buddy Elder Ho, i love that guy so much! we went and got his birth certificate from the "embassary"? cause his old one was just in chinese and th frenchies dont accept chinese characters when you try to get a visa... then after that we went and visited one of his old investigators that we are now teaching, and they all had a very fun happy time! i had a good time to ofcourse, but it was more organized for them! :)
    wonderful Wednesday we taught a less-active guy named Bernard, and, heres a little back story, the movie "the witness" with harrison ford was mis-translated when it was released in france, and they used Mormon instead of Amish, so everybody things when we say mormons, that we ride in carriages and buggies and dont use internet. thats when i pull out our phone and assure people that we are of this century, and that they are mistaking us for Amish. but yes. back to Bernard, he ugh... he might literally be mormonish, cause he doesnt know how to use the internet, doesnt have a dvd player at his house, no cell phone, and a bunch of other things that are outrageous! but yeah, we taught him a lesson using a video on our ipad and he was like "withcraft!" (not really, but he was rather impressed!) After teaching him we went to the church and worked on the Baptismal program and getting pants and other baptism prep.
    Thursday was a FULL day. we started it out by teachin our favourite french cowboy Michel, and from there we went to Steves house, his fiancee and Kellys fiancee were there too, Rose, Kellys "woman" as he calls here, was not happy we were there, she dont exactly love the church. but thats cause kelly is like "you have to be a member of my church if we are getting married" and she doesnt like that. but because shes sorta against the church shes sorta against getting to know us, but we sorta got her to open up, but yeah. still not on the best terms. and from there we went to Nelsons house, and he was super cool as usual!
    Okay, friday things really start to get good. we went contacting in the morning a little bit, then we headed over to the Nicolas familys house, they are SO great! we shared a really good message about Efy because they had a daughter at EFY this week, so we explained how great of an experience it was for us, shared our testimonies, watched a little video of one of the Youth theme songs, and it was really good. they were really touched. and when their daughter came back from EFY she totally had such a good time! it was So awesome! :) after them we went to Basiles house, and he wa doing real good, so we felt like finally, after a month or so of building him up for this, we decided to teach him the Word Of Wisdom. hes a member already, but has been super inactive for who knows how long, but in anycase, he accepted it and we are going there this week to make a plan on how we can help him stop!
then, we went to Kellys house for a lesson, and he wasnt even there! it was just his Fiancee, we were like what they hay!? so we waited for Kelly, and taught Rose in the meantime, and it went super well, she had really opened up to us, and we were able to teach the restoration and she was finally like "OH now i understand why its different! i see why kelly wants me to come so badly!" and kelly arrived right after that and he was like "you guys produced a miracle in her! she hated the church this morning, and now she actually WANTS to come!" it was super cool!
    saturday was sweet, we started the day out by having the sick MASSIVE book of mormon contacting activity again, its seriously such a fun way to contact! then after that President Babin bought us all frozen yogurt! he literally spent around 100€ on our treat... it was super cool of him! and from there we went to Valentins baptismal interview, and then had dinner at his house! we had to do emergency splits though cause the ZLs who were doing the interview had another lesson at the same time, so we did little exchanges! it was a good time though!
    and on sunday we got to have Valentins baptism! it was SOOOO great! there was a sister missionray that jsut returned from her mission so she had her homecoming and then the ward did a buffet thing after sacrament and before the baptism, then we all headed upstairs for the baptism and there were so many Young Singl Adults from other wards that came to support Valentin, it was such a good day for him. :)
   and now its today! we had such a miracle filled week! im so greatful for the experiences the Lord allows his missionaries to be able to be a part of, selfishly i want to say he does it for me, but really he does it for others through me, and by his working though me i am SO blessed. heres a picture! :)

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