Monday, August 10, 2015

July 27, 2015

dang. first week of the transfer went PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY fast! life has changed so much in the last few days, even if neither me nor my companion got transferred.
on monday we had a glorious Pday and then went to a members house. her son is here visiting and hes not a member, so shes been having the missionaries over alot, get dat influence there. not a bad idea! so we shared a message, and he asked for a blessing! i guess his mom asked for a blessing last time she had the other elders over, and he felt like he needed some help! cool stuff!
then on tuesday we went and checked out alot of members that arent on the list anymore, and finished it off by going to Franqui and Pastoras house!
wednesday was transfer day, and since neither of us got transferred and we are in paris we got assigned to stand in a train station giving metro tickets to all the missionaires coming in, not too bad cause you always get to see all your friends! :) then we had a sweet lesson with this muslim guy, his parents raised him muslim but he doesnt believe in God, the idea really interests him though, so we got to share who we believe God to be, and the importance of learning about him, and growing close to Him. it was really great! then that night we went to Valentins house, and that was super awesome! we discussed recieving anwers again and the importance of patience and dilligence in seeking for an answer from God. he really appreciated it!
thursday was our first day without other elders in the apartment... it was super weird... but we taught Michel in the morning, and then that evening we went to the Nicolas familys house. the first people from the other elders that we visited. it is going to be strange having to recreate friendships and trust with all these members and investigators again, but this is the 3rd time ive done it so i guess i can do it again. people seem to open up really fast to me, dont know why! but thats what we need right now.
on friday we got to hang out with out boy Basile, he is seriously so cool! and that night, because it was Pioneer day, the visitors center was showing "legacy", and so we got Valentin to come and watch it with us, he super liked it, and we got to hang out with him more, so cant complain!
on saturday we had the begining-of-the-transfer-district-leader-council, and it was super good, the District leaders of the zone and the zone leaders get together and we discussed our visions and plans for the transfer, what the ZLs want us to do, how we can mix our ideas with theirs. we have the sweetest challenge for this transfer. ill enveil it next week, after the district knows. then we went to Chrisos house and taught his daughter, Elodie, and the other two kids. that family is VERY BUSY. but its a fun time! then after that we went and weekly planned.
sunday was SO LONG. kill me! we left at 8 for church, and didnt get home till 7. church was good, good stuff taught, good stuff learned. all that! when we went to set up a lesson time with Valentin hes like "im free every evening this week, except thursday, im going to institute" we were like DOPE! our investigator is going to institute! :P so sick. that man is seriously so prepared! we are going to try to set a baptismal date with him this week. but after church we had a lesson that fell through, but we couldnt go home cause we had another lesson at the church a couple hours later. and Valentin was like "if youre just going to hang out here you might as well come over" so we did, got to spend some more time with Valentin! hes so cool! and then we visited Ricky, a less active. hes super cool, and he just proposed to his girlfriend! we need to get that lady in the church so he comes back!
and after that we visited Fancois, another of the other elders old investigators. He is so cool, his wife is a super active member in Camaroon, and she referred him to the church, and hes pretty much like "yeah i want to be a member". sweet! and after that we finally made it home. yeash that was a long day, and a long week. but it went by real quick!
this picture is for austen... its one of the only pictures i took this week, and the other ones are boring! sorry! but i love ya!
Elder Kaden Parley Jaques Oviatt

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