Monday, August 10, 2015

August 3, 2015

hello hello!
imma jump right into this!
tuesday we did some sweet exchanges. FunFact. exchanges when youre in the Mandarin companionships are pretty dope, cause you get to run from lesson to lesson, and just sit there the whole time and laugh in your head at how funny chinese sounds! so that was a pretty good day! that night in the apartment it was me and two other guys that were in the mtc with me, and we are the oldest missionaries in the mission. it was a party!
then on wednesday we went to district meeting, and for the first time in 6 months i had to give a training. i wasnt nervous at all, i think it went decently. alot of ideas to juggle, but weve got a smart district so were fine. then we taught a less active at the visitors center in paris, and that night we went to our pal Valetines, and we set a baptismal date with him! we were so pumped! sorry... we are still pumped. hes so cool. there was some difficulties finding a day that balanced well, but we went there last night and figured out all the details. its good for August 22. SIIIIIICK! we are super excited. we sprinted after a bus for literally 550 meters. we caught the bus though; and we were able to burn off some of the baptismaldatesettingexcitement
thursday we went to Michels in the morning, it was good, shared a video with him. he always goes way too deep for our spiritual thoughts. whateves... then we went to Basiles and shared a good moment with him. we gave him a talk to read like a month ago and this time he was like "well, i finally read enough to discuss it" so we did that. we wanted to talk about the word of wizdum, but if he was feelin in the mood to share his spiritual experiences with a sweet talk he read, we were more than down! and that night it was our good friend Carlos Guererros birthday, so we went over, had some cake and dinner at their place, shared a message, good stuff! that family is pretty amazing, love em to bits.
on friday we got stood up first thing in the morning, but when we were in paris finding this guys house we got a call from my old companion Tyler Cramer, who had just landed in paris and offered to take us out for lunch, so obvs we took that offer, and we ended up taking him to a less actives house and we had a really good time there. he enjoyed the missionary vibe. think it made him mission-sick. (homesick but for the mish) and later that night we went to Nelsons. an investigator we inherited when the other elders were brutally torn out of the area. hes super chill!
and on saturday we got to do the book of mormon activity again with the HUGE BOM, it was pretty rad! then we went to Chrisos house and tought his kids. they had a cousin over, her name was parisse, she was SUPER cute. she was 3, dont worry. but yeah we showed a video of Christ healing a blind man cause they dont know a whole lot about much, so we are starting at the important parts!
and on sunday we went to church, investigators bursting at the seams. dope. and after church we finished planning for this coming week, went to a member who cant come to sacrament meeting and gave her the sacrament, then we went to Valentines. figured out baptism stuff and ate his delicious food, and this time it was "bio"
its been a great week! at district meeting the zone leaders gave us a huge commitment to read the book of mormon by the end of the transfer. its really hard. we are reading on busses and trains and stuff, but its really helping us stay focused on our purpose. im excited for this transfer! eeeeek(little girlie squeal)
loves yall!
Elder Oviatt
watermelon party,

my future dance hall (itll be in my house) from the opera

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