Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

this week was super freaking AWESOME!
we were super busy just running around seeing everyone, we had appointments every night and we were just so busy! hot hot. its been good.
Monday monday we did Pday stuff, and we were supposed to go over to Sister Nikiemas house, but her son wasnt there, so we waited around for him to show up, waited around some more, then told her we had to go home so she packed up dinner and sent us on our way. it was good though, we were way starvin!
Tuesday we started out by helping Brother Micale, you know, i havent mentioned him in a couple weeks! we totally help him in waves. he needs a ton of help like 4 times in a week, then he'll leave us alone for a few weeks, then bam he suddenly relies on us again... its strange! but we helped him move a washing machine into his new apartment, and on the way we stopped at the "association" its pretty much an abandoned office building that the "association"(we dont really know what it is) owns. there are 10 struggling artists that live and do art there, and we just were able to walk around the sketchy hoarders-like building, it was super cool though, we found a movie theater they made, a zebra-print bathtub filled with empty paint cans, a slack line, and a bunch of other dope things, along with a ton of art. it was super cool.
then we went to the Nicolas' place and they took us to their daughters new apartment so we could say a prayer there before they sleep in it, and we had a good afternoon with them! and that night we went over to Franqui and Pastoras house and we had a really good lesson with them, and then we went home!
Wednesday we had District meeting which was pretty great! we ate Raclette after, and that was delicious! then we had a lesson with Ali, this super cool member that was baptized in Japan when he was on vacation! and that night we went to Valentin's house for dinner and a lesson. t'was a good time!
Thursday morning we went and taught Michel, and then brother Micale took us out for lunch at this super sick Italian restorant, we had such good pizza! then we booked it on over to Francois house, we hadnt been able to see him for a few weeks, so that was good. we were able to set a baptismal date with him! so that was super sick! :) then that night we were going to go to Nelsons house but he cancelled so we went and printed a picture of Valentins baptism out and bought a picture frame. its going to be my parting gift :)
Friday we helped Brother Micale again... we moved Posters from his old apartment to the "association" so we got to explore a bit again :P then we had to go into paris to conduct a baptismal interview, but we had a bunch of time, but not enough to run home to eat, so we decided to do the "DOUBLE KEBAB CHALLENGE". two kebabs, two servings of fries. it was killer. bad news bears man. we felt so sick... but we went on over to the paris chapel for the interview and it went really well, the dude was baptized on sunday! then that night we went to one fo the sisters investigators' house and helped her re-do their wall paper. id never done wall paper before... that was fun! :P
on saturday we went all the way to Chriso's house, and he wasnt there. thats an hour and a half ride there. so that was super lame... but we went over to this new players house named Cedric, hes sick! im sad i wont get to teach him more than that, cause hes super cool and ive got no doubt he'll progress really well. and from there we went to a music rehearsal for the Book of Mormon missionary fireside because i sang in 2 songs! then the fireside was that night and i was also asked to bear my testimony! there was like 20 missionaries, i was already singing in 2 numbers, i dont know why they asked me to bear my testimony about the book of mormon, but i am super grateful! it gave me the chance to reflect on my whole life and the role that the book of mormon has had. it was a really good experience and everybody that was at the fireside was really edified. Valentin really liked it too, he actually invited us out for dinner after it wa sover, we had KFC, and it was Delish!
and Sunday was super sick. we had church, where i was able to confirm Valentin and give him the gift of the holy ghost, and the lesson in combined class was super sweet, all about home and visiting teaching and how we can do better in our callings! after church,we went to Valentins (yes i know, we've seen him alot this week, but im really going to miss him!) and we had pasta and played Clue while the food was cookin! i won both rounds somehow... im not sure how to really play that game. then we went back to our place, took of our suits cause its been DANG hot out, and then Sundaynight we went to the Sekyere familys house. this is a family in Aulnay, and their son was baptized while i was there. it was a really good time to go to their place and see those guys again.
i really learned this week how prepared we are, and how lucky we are to have so much access to the scriptures. it wasnt too long ago that very few people had access to the bible, and now we have the bible, the book of mormon, the doctrine and covenants, the pearl of great price, and constant revelation given to the Prophet. there must really be a need for us to read the scriptures, to be nourishing ourselves with the word of God, because we have VERY easy access to it. i think that we will be held responsable if we dont really put this accessability to use in our lives! all those reformers would have killed, and literally were killed, to have the chance to have such an access as we do. The Book of Mormon has blessed my life so much, i cant even begin to describe how much i cherish those scriptures and flourish when i apply them. If any of you havent read the book of mormon, just do it! its such a small thing that will truly tip the scales in your favor.
Love Elder Oviatt

1 it also rained a whole ton, and this road flooded and there was a van that had flooded its engine driving through it, so we figured... well we better help! so we hopped in!
2 this is me and Bro Micale at the pizza place
3 Opoku and Yeboah Sekyere, and me! :)

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