Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015

hey everyone! despite the valiant efforts, we are alive, we are kickin, and life is going good!

this week we did 3 exchanges! thats alot of exchanges, and im super tired. i hate sleeping in other peoples' beds. i think my bed in tours might be the bst bed in the mission... so like, sleeping on dinky mats on the floor just isnt a ton of fun... but i like the actualy exchange part! its super cool to work with other people and jsut see otehr techniques and to learn and teach with and from other people! good to be back with smith though. its going to be rough when one of us gets transferred... anyhow!
we worked with Bourges, Elder Peterson and Elder Nez, taught a crack-ton of lessons and had a grand 'ol time! i really dont remember all that much, it sems like it was weeks ago.
we also did an exchange with alencon, Madsen and Connolly, and they are pretty dang good missionaries! we hadnt gotten a ton of lessons yet, then they came and just took over the town and made it rain. it was sweet. we needed their help!
and we also did an exchange with le mans, who are not district leaders, so it was an exceptional exchange, but we felt like it was necessary, and then we went and after 1 hour of working we got a text from president that we had to go on lockdown cause of all the nutso stuff goin on in paris, so we worked for an hour on that exchange, but it was good! after that we went and taught a ton of member present lessons cause we hadnt the time to do so during the week. so we went ham on our investigators, and it was good! tehre was a protest march against terrorism yesterday, there was a TON of people. it was dope.
thats about it! we set a baptismal date with a guy named Orly, hes super cool, real nice, and hes got the finest dreads! :P hahah
well, thats about it... bye for this week!

no pictures... :'(

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