Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5, 2015

hello hello!
this week we had a very high commitment to our goals. we set high goals. it was tough! :P haha
to start out we set a zone goal to have 3 lessons with members present per set of missionaries, its a pretty low goal, but even so, it pushed our zone, and good things happened. we reached the goal of 3 last week so we set it at 4, and we were really trying to get it, but by saturday night we had only had 1. it was a super bummer. all week we were trying our best to get members to lessons and we were goin hard, even without the members. we were pretty down with the fact that we hadnt reached our goal, but we kept trying, we managed to get one more on sunday but we still didnt make our goal of 4. we got 2. it was preeeeettty lame. but when we were totalling our other lessons taught we realized that we had gotten 13! which isnt too bad at all! its actually pretty good! but we were so focused on what we didnt have we werent enjoying the satisfaction of having had a good week either way! i learned to count my blessings, and to reallyseek to see the hand of the lord, even if it isnt in the way we were trying. we all know that God does things in his own way, at his own time. But, even with that being said we set our member present goal for this week way high. haha, we can do it! its a goal from the mission president, so we knos its inspired and that we can obtain it! heres for the best!---
we found a really cool dude on tuesday, and later in the week we taught him again, hes pretty legit! and hopefully he will be coming to family home evening at the church tonight! so thats good! we were able to help the sisters out alot too, we gave them one of our super cool investigators, even though its a family and we could technically keep teaching her its alot easier for the sisters to manoever it and teach her, so that will go better for them and her!
on wednesday we taught one of our investigators' wife, and she was super cool! so now when we go out to teach him we can teach his wife and that way the whole family will  be baptized! :) Yeah! we also ate escargot and turkey-farci, its like, stuffed turkey spomething or other. i also learned that french people eat alot of chestnuts! (i think thast what they are called in english) but they eat them with gravy, and green beans, and there were some inside the turkey... super weird. not the biggest fan :P haha but they are good!
and on thursday we went to the branch presidents house and ate till we went into comas, then we napped and watched a movie (that was glorious) then he took us home! it was a good day!
friday we worked, taught lessons, all the good stuff, you know that story already...
same thing with saturday,
and sunday we had a really good day! we got to set up a lesson plan with this investigator that is too busy t see us, so we got permission to teach him seperatley during sunday school so he can cme to church, but still get the lessons the way he needs to! that is super exciting! :)
yeah good week :) 
later gators
elder O

dope frozen spiderwebs and a giant minion set up at the boulangerie right beside the church :)

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