Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

okay, were not dead. but somebody totes wanted to fight us! dirty kid. we just laughed and kept on our merry way, but on the inside i was 1-ready to kick his face and 2-scared beyond belief. but thats a warry as it gets here! :) 
monday we had a sweet miracle! we have really been working on being determined with our goals, and on mondays we have pday till 6, then FHE till 8:30and then we go home. 30 mins to the church, 30 back. its a perfectly full day. But we decided we were going to teach a lesson and find a new investigator after FHe before goin inside. we got of the bus by our house and saw 1 person. on the biggest road in tours. so we decided, well, if anybody is going to listen, why not him. totes taught him and we set up a lesson for tuesday and we saw him 3 times this week! miracles. they happen.
tuesday was pretty much raining lessons, it was sweet! we have this new investigator named Francine, shes super legit! we taught her the restoration and we had a sweet member there, and her daughter is sweet too, her name is sara. well we saw them tuesday, and set up a lesson for friday but she cancelled. so on saturday we went by to see when we could see her and she said "i read the pamphelet and i didnt like something. im not interested anymore" BORKEN HEARTS so we said "what didnt you like" "that youre mormons, i didint know" that was awkward. then she said how she had a bad experience and she would never go to the mormon church. we convinced her to come and she did, and were prety sure she loved it! we'll see where that goes! hopefully she felt the spirit and wants more! :)
wednesday was exchanges, that was good! 
thursday was good as was the rest of the week!
suinday though... we left for hcurch at 8:45 and got home at 5:45. it was a long day. we had branch conference, and then it was a branch meal, then we taught an investigator, then we had branch council with the stake leaders, it was all good, but it was long. good week though! :)

this is the only picture we took this week...

have a good one! :)

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